Technology can help you provide care for those family members needing assistance

Posted on March 5, 2012


Are you the type of person who has a hard time delegating? It can be even harder when caring for a loved one. Whether it’s caring for your own child or providing elderly care for an aging parent, asking for help can be difficult. Sometimes it’s because there isn’t much help around, but there is another side of this equation that people don’t talk about.

Many family caregivers are plagued by guilt when they so much as THINK about asking for help, almost as though this would exhibit weakness or “giving up.” These feelings are exacerbated by the immense sense of responsibility that comes along with their role. But asking for help isn’t surrendering.

The job of family caregivers is challenging and can be overwhelming for one person. To ensure optimal care and support for your loved one, you can’t be spread thin and asking for help can be a big, important step toward making sure this isn’t the case. Host a family meeting and signing up for a CareTogether™ page and inviting family and friends to join are some helpful ideas for mobilizing help.

The CareTogether™ resource is a powerful tool provided at no cost by BrightStar Care and you will not be bombarded by advertising. It is totally confidential and allows you to share information with users based on permissions you give them. Now all Mom’s friends at church and the Sr. Center can see how she is doing but not get into the details you want reserved for family members eyes only.

If you decide you need assistance providing care for a loved one we would be happy to help. If you are in Houston please feel free to contact our Houston office, BrightStar of Downtown Houston.