Living Life In My Own Way—And Dying That Way As Well

Posted on April 12, 2012


I recommend this article not because I admire the courage of the author, I think she is a role model, but because I think there is value in her story.  Her decisions have not been easy.

I to was diagnosed with cancer and had the tests she speaks of but mine came back negative.  I know a little of the battle we face as we look at our own mortality, not in the way most of us do as we philosophically try to understand the meaning of life.  When you are told you have cancer and know that if it is stage 4 there is little hope, the wait for a positive or negative result at the end of each test to determine if the cancer has spread gives new time for a look into future.

I don’t know if I would make the choices she has made but I hope, if that time comes, I am able to stand for life as she does.

Living Life In My Own Way—And Dying That Way As Well.