Hardship Inspired Franchise – WSJ.com: Why we chose BrightStar and why you should too.

Posted on April 28, 2012


Hardship Inspired Franchise – WSJ.com.

I saw this in the Wall Street Journal and had to share it because it speaks to the quality of BrightStar the brand and the company.  When we were looking at companies to invest in BrightStar stood out because of the seed that was planted in the Sun’s search for a caregiver to help an elderly grandmother.

This was not an organization founded to see how much money could be made but an organization founded on making quality care available to as many people as possible.  Profit follows from the quality and the pride each person takes in delivering that quality care to the patient.

The BrightStar owners buy in because of the vision the founders have and in the end that is what makes BrightStar different.

When you speak to an in-home care company make sure and

  • Ask how much time is spent on paperwork and how much time is devoted to delivering care to the patient.
  • Ask about the training the caregiver has received in the particular diagnosis of the patient.
  • Ask if they have evidence-based Clinical Pathways designed around the specifics of the patients diagnoses so that hospitalizations are and re-hospitalizations are reduced dramatically.
  • Ask if there is an RN overseeing each and every case, even if all that is being provided is services from a Home Health Aid or a Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Ask if they are required to become Joint Commission Accredited, the same seal of approval hospitals are required to have.
  • Ask if they hire an independent company, the same one that many hospitals use, to check with customers to validate their satisfaction with the services provided.

Finally, ask if 9 out of 10 of their customers would refer a family member.

That last point is an critical as the industry numbers are very low but BrightStar has a customer satisfaction rate over 95% and a full 90% of our customers would tell a family member to use BrightStar.

Your choice in home care companies matters, let us show you the BrightStar difference.