Discovering The True Cost Of At-Home Caregiving : NPR

Posted on May 7, 2012


What is the cost of at-home caregiving?

Many people don’t count the cost before making decisions about how to best care for an elderly loved one.  There is certainly no one true way that will meet the needs of every person and family, each must find their own answers.  It is true that there are objective facts that one can start to use to compare options.

  1. It is possible for a family member to care for the person but that will normally result in the loss of a paycheck.
  2. The level of care needed certainly must be a consideration.  Having someone come in for a few hours a day to clean and cook is less costly than caring for a person that needs help dressing, bathing and getting around and there are those that need 24×7 care.
  3. Where will the care take place?  It is normally easier to find caregivers in more populated areas where a small farming community may have no services available.
  4. What social programs are available from the government, local, state and federal, and local non-profit organizations.
  5. What does the person who needs care thing about the options?  If they will not leave their home you may have limited options when it comes to assisted living, Continuing Care Retirement Community or other options that would require a move.
  6. What kind of help can you get from family members?  There is a great tool to help coördinate help from family and friends called CareTogether.   The tool is free and you can register here
  7. What are the costs of all the alternatives?  Check out the links at NPR below.
  8. What can you build consensus around in your family?
And there are other considerations that you will want to think about.  Check out the “Home Care Buyers Guide” and the ebook, “20 Questions every family caregiver should ask” both found here.
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Discovering The True Cost Of At-Home Caregiving : NPR.

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