Infographic for National Nurses Week

Posted on May 7, 2012


National Nurses Week

Very informative graphic and write up on nurses and the nursing profession.  We all want them when we need them, trust me, spend a few hours in a hospital without one and you will be on your knees begging.

Celebrate their profession with them this week!

Infographic for National Nurses Week.

Every case BrightStar has is overseen by an RN, they do our client assessments so we know each client is getting the right care.  Nurses also train our caregivers and treat those clients in need of more skilled medical care.  Nursing is not the best paid profession in the world so always be kind to them – especially this week.

BrightStar Care of Downtown Houston

Need help? Every day, more American families take on the responsibilities of caring for a loved one in need of physical, social, emotional, or financial assistance. Despite the craziness of life, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters make the time to prepare meals, provide transportation, do laundry, run errands, and more. BrightStar is an in-home health care company designed to help, give us a call at 832-730-1255.

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