How Can You Plan for Your Own Long-Term Care

Posted on May 15, 2012


Long-term care planning is an exercise in which we, with our families, prepare for the rest of our lives.  This may require the help of an attorney and we may want input from our physician.  The goal is to help ensure that we both promote and maintain good health, safety, and well-being for ourselves.  To reach this goal you may want to put strategies in place to protect assets but be wary of schemes that move assets out of your control.   Medicare now looks at your finances for 5 years, 60 months, to determine if assets have been transferred and if they find that they have you can be ineligible for Medicare for a penalty period.  It should be remembered that the purpose of the plan should be to ensure our own well-being.

Long-term care planning can be described as determining our place on the elder care continuum and then figuring out what we need to accomplish to end up finishing our journey the way we want to end it.  This includes having the ability to find, get, and pay for good care.  That is not as easy as it sounds and many people will use advisors, like an elder care attorney to help with this process.

The elder care continuum is a timeline we move forward on towards the end of our life.  Most of us want to “age in place.”  This means that if you own your own home you would like to stay in that home, living as independently as possible for as long

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“Activities of daily living,” are eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and transferring and when we can’t perform these independently any more we need help from mechanical devices, caregivers or both. Although persons of all ages may have problems performing ADLs we know that the reality is we tend to require more assistance as we age and when we get over 85 the rate of people needing assistance skyrockets.

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) are activities related to independent living and include preparing meals, managing money, shopping for groceries or personal items, performing light or heavy housework, and using a telephone.

Measurement of both ADLS and IADLs is critical because they have been found to be significant predictors of admission to a nursing home; use of paid home care; use of hospital services; living arrangements; use of physician services; insurance coverage; and mortality. Use of services like this are important as we age and move down the elder care continuum.

Just as we prepared our homes for the arrival of a new baby we need to think about preparations for aging.  Are the doorways wide enough to fit a wheel chair, do the bathrooms have aids to ensure we can keep our balance in the shower?  Most of us would answer no to these questions so we must understand how much improvements like this may cost.  Medical advancements are providing additional ways for us to age in place and most services that have traditionally been provided in nursing homes can be provided through in-home care if the resources are available to pay for them.  Therefore, we need to start thinking about our options if we want to be prepared to stay in our homes.

Other topics you may want to investigate are Long-term care insurance and the services of Elder Care Attorney’s.

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