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Posted on August 6, 2012


This is part 2 in our series of VA, Veterans Administration, benefits available for veterans and their spouses needing in-home care. Part 1 “Monetary assistance with in-home care for veterans” dealt with qualifications the VA places on these  pensions.  Note that these Veterans Administration pensions not military pensions.

Basic Pension

The VA classifies any veteran at the age of 65 to be permanently and totally disabled regardless of their physical condition.

The classification of “Disabled” entitles the veteran or widow for a Basic Pension if he/she meets the net worth and income criteria. The same is true for the surviving spouse. No Physician’s Statement is required for filing for Basic Pension.

To be eligible for Basic Pension at the time of this writing:

A veteran alone must have countable income LESS than $11,830 a year*

A veteran with a spouse must have countable income LESS than: $15,493 a year*

This level of the Pension could have tremendous impact on our vets who are homeless. While it is not an extraordinary amount of money, it could offset the costs for food, shelter, medications, etc. The VA requires a mailing address for any application for benefits and for those living on the streets, this can be a challenge. A veteran can use a family member’s or friend’s address, or a PO Box at a local Post Office.

See part 1 in this series Monetary assistance with in-home care for veterans

BrightStar of Downtown Houston provides in-home care for anyone from children to seniors and as veterans  we specialize in providing the best care for our veterans.  We provide transportation and homemaking services as well as any type of care from companion through skilled nursing.

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