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Posted on August 9, 2012



NAPLES, Fla., Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — As the nation watches Team USA rack up the medals at the 2012 Olympics, members of the forum, an interactive website for people caring for their elderly parents, have caught Olympic fever, and started the Caregiver Olympics. People taking care of elderly parents accomplish tremendous feats every day. But there aren’t any medals handed out, and caregivers receive no recognition. An AgingCare member started a discussion called, Caregiver Olympics–any event suggestions?

“Watching the Olympics made me wonder if caregivers would get more recognition and assistance if more people were aware of the tremendous feats we accomplish day after day,” the member says.

The discussion has taken off, with caregivers adding their ideas based on the day-to-day challenges they face. Here are some of events that have been proposed:

Wheelchair Slalom

A daunting course faces caregiver competitors. Mostly downhill, there are select areas where the route levels out. But these sections will present caregivers with a different challenge: opening a heavy restaurant door while pushing a wheelchair through. Along the way, competitors will have to navigate around other obstacles, including: mud puddles, curbs with no ramps, and finally, a steep uphill climb. Points are deducted for caregivers who swear, or sully their loved one’s clothing. But if a senior falls out of their chair, immediate disqualification will occur.

Bed Pan Relay

Not much elaboration needed–just get from point A to point B without spilling.

The Walmart Marathon

Caregivers face a variety of obstacles and challenges that may include: navigating a crowded store while pushing their loved one’s chair with one hand and a cart with the other, dodging clothing racks, and avoiding those particular aisles and items that are sure to distract a loved one, like candy and purses.

Mad Bathroom Dash

Race to find the nearest public bathroom (time limit: 30 seconds).

Linen Change Gymnastics

This event will require a particular amount of flexibility and skill as entrants endeavor to change their loved one’s bed linens while the elder remains in bed. Extra points are awarded for caregivers who succeed in making the bed look neat, and completing the change with minimal disturbance of the senior.

Medical Explanation Volleyball

Members of the competitive caregiving elite should be well-versed in the serve and return flow of explaining a new diagnosis, prescription medication, or procedure to their loved one.

At, we believe all caregivers deserve a gold medal for the strength, patience, and endurance they display while taking care of their elderly loved ones.

Caregivers continue to submit their ideas. To see the most recent entries, check out the original Caregiver Olympics discussion for more inspirational (and funny) ideas from caregivers.

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