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How to Keep Arthritis from Slowing You Down | downtown-houston

September 30, 2012


Is arthritis pain interfering with your ability to do the things you enjoy?  There are things you can do to improve your mobility, reduce pain and protect your joints.BrightStar has physical or occupational therapists can help teach you how to modify activities and accomplish daily tasks more easily. But, there are simple things you can […]

The Unseen Army Working for Special Needs Children | downtown-houston

September 17, 2012


We work, play and worship with them; they are our friends, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers – they are caregivers of children with special needs.   There are some simple things we can do to make their lives easier and let them know we care.  We can’t know each individual but we can look at their […]

Fall prevention – a basic how to guide. | BrightStar Downtown Houston

September 14, 2012


Injuries resulting from falls trigger a very large number of lawsuits in the US.  Every year, approximately 8.7 million Americans receive emergency medical care for injuries sustained in a fall. For the elderly these accidents become more problematic because the risk of catastrophic injury fall rises.  We covered this risk in another blog entry. In […]

The Cost of Raising a Special Needs Child | downtown-houston

September 12, 2012


    For parents of a normal child it is relatively easy to consider the emotional strain that a special needs child could place on you.  Imagine if your child needed 24×7 care, could not play outside with friends or was so depressed they wanted to take their own life and your heart feels heavy, […]

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease | National Institute on Aging

September 10, 2012


  Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease Your Easy-to-Use Guide from the National Institute on Aging This comprehensive, 104-page handbook offers easy-to-understand information and advice for at-home caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease. It addresses all aspects of care, from bathing and eating to visiting the doctor and getting respite care. via Caring for […]

State of Texas Legal Planning: Free Resources | downtown-houston

September 10, 2012


State of Texas Legal Planning: Questions and Answers Estate planning and living documents are critical documents to implement or update when a loved one’s physical and/or mental health is declining. These documents allow an individual to name a trusted family member or confidant to make important decisions regarding their health care or legal and financial affairs, in […]

How family caregivers can relieve the stress of caregiving – part 2 | downtown-houston

September 7, 2012


  Realize that stress is not your friend, you are not immune to its effects, you are not alone and you must do something about it. In the United States, 21 percent of adults today care for someone an average of 20 hours per week. That unpaid care equals 18 percent of our national health […]

Hospital leaders, clinicians misjudge care quality

September 6, 2012


Like us on Facebook. We can help you stay out of the hospital – see below. Amid calls to improve care, a new study suggests physicians and nurses may give themselves higher marks than they deserve for care quality for hospital patients prior to a serious complication, Reuters Health reported. After examining 47 patient records, Dutch […]

Recruiting your care team and keeping them involved

September 2, 2012


Recruiting and Scheduling Caregivers and Keeping the Community of Friends and Family Informed You or a loved one need help with care giving but how do you get it and how do you keep the caregivers engaged and active? Pick your team and keep them engaged in your loved one’s life. Caregivers can quickly realize […]

How long do I have? The question of prognosis has no simple answer

September 1, 2012


by James C. Salwitz, MD on August 28th, 2012 in Physician “The question” comes in several forms: “Doc, what stage is my cancer?” “What is my prognosis?” “Can it be cured?” “Am I going to die?” “Have long have I got?” These tough honest words require courage. “The question” superficially asks for a simple answer. […]