Recruiting your care team and keeping them involved

Posted on September 2, 2012


Recruiting and Scheduling Caregivers and Keeping the Community of Friends and Family Informed

Recruiting and retaining your family and friends as caregivers.

You or a loved one need help with care giving but how do you get it and how do you keep the caregivers engaged and active?

Pick your team and keep them engaged in your loved one’s life.

Caregivers can quickly realize that managing appointments, asking for help and keeping in touch with family and concerned friends can be overwhelming. Every day I talk to caregivers who try to go it alone and are overwhelmed emotionally.   As caregivers we need to realize that providing the best care possible for our loved one is a team sport and we need to have as many people on our team as possible.  Team members can include family, friends, volunteers and paid services.

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