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Posted on September 14, 2012


BrightStar helps you maintain your balance and reduce falls.

Video games and balance, really

Injuries resulting from falls trigger a very large number of lawsuits in the US.  Every year, approximately 8.7 million Americans receive emergency medical care for injuries sustained in a fall. For the elderly these accidents become more problematic because the risk of catastrophic injury fall rises.  We covered this risk in another blog entry. In this blog we will be covering some of the causes of falls and why the elderly are more prone to this type of accident.No matter your age, most injuries from falls can be prevented by being aware of surrounding conditions and wearing appropriate footwear. Inside the home, make sure there are no shoes or clutter left on the floor or in walkways, pick up throw rugs, they look nice but for the elderly they care a trip and fall waiting to happen.  Extension cords need to be kept very close to the wall.  Many trip and fall incidents occur at night or when light levels are low.   Wet floors, rainwater, ice, oil and liquid spills can all create hazardous conditions inside and outdoors. Severe slip and fall accidents are common in bathrooms and many of these accidents involve senior citizens.  In addition to wiping up water and spills, homeowners can install grab bars and non-slip floor coverings.Poor balance triggers many falls.  In young, healthy adults, balance is largely an automatic reflex.   As we age our bodies change and these changes can affect our sense of balance.  These changes include….

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