“Alternate reality” and dementia patients

Posted on December 17, 2012


All of us have a reality that we perceive and it generally agrees with the reality that others perceive,  this allows us to live together in a society.  But, what happens when our reality becomes out of step with the rest of the population?  This is a situation we generally leave to police and medical professionals.

At BrightStar we work with family caregivers who take responsibility for loved ones with dementia and this question becomes something they must deal with on a daily basis.  The lady you knew as “mom” is suddenly not your mom – but someone else – the outward appearance is the same but now things are different.  From moment to moment she may not have have the same memories, social mores or temperament.  How to minimize triggers that can worsen these symptoms is a good discussion to have with the family.  Maintaining an environment that is consistent and familiar becomes an important part of the care plan.  In the Netherlands they are creating aan environment to do this on a grand scale.

At BrightStar we believe that creating and maintaining an environment for dementia patients is very important to their well being.  We invite you to give us a call and discuss how we can help your family.

This video by the BBC shows how remarkable this ‘alternate reality‘ can become.

Dementia Patients in Dutch village given “alternate reality.”