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Posted on December 27, 2012


Baby it’s cold outside and in some parts of the country we have  dangerous temperatures and slippery conditions.  It’s even cold in Houston

With family members of all ages, shapes and sizes getting together for what should be a joyous occasion, here are a few ways family visits can go off without a hitch despite inclement weather. Caregivers and seniors alike can heed this easy advice when it comes to handling the icy sidewalks or extreme cold. Here are some simple safety tips for seniors as they venture into the cold:

Do not walk on icy or snow-filled walking areas. If you have to, wear boots. Do whatever you can to avoid falling.

If you use a cane or walker, replace the rubber tips if they are worn. Also, you can place an attachment on the end of the cane to improve traction.

Be careful that heating devices (furnaces, radiators, etc.) do not become fire hazards. Regularly monitor your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

In the cold, your heart works overtime to keep your body warm. Shoveling can be dangerous if you suffer from bad balance or osteoporosis. Ask your doctor is shoveling is safe for you, or ask others to help.

Hypothermia is a serious problem for seniors. Don’t stay in extreme cold for long periods of time. When outside, wear layers and don’t expose skin. Shivering is an early sign of rapid heat loss, so immediately go indoors if this occurs.

Beat the boredom. Winter can cause isolation and even depression. This one is important for caregivers. Remember that homebound seniors need plenty of interaction and friendship, too.

For more information or for a winter safey evaluation on your home, contact a local BrightStar Care today.

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