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Posted on January 10, 2013


How do we have the difficult conversations about in-home care with our parents or a loved one?

The best way to get your aging parents to understand how valuable home care solutions can be to their desire to age in place is to show them the advantages.   Try different approaches if you need to:

Try to defuse the situation with a suggestion that accepting in-home care would benefit the spouse, even if in reality it would benefit both parents. You may find that one spouse is willing to do for their spouse what they would refuse for themselves.

Often times people are concerned about a “stranger” providing intimate care.  Try suggesting a home care solution in which the care provider does more to help with noninvasive services like transportation, housekeeping, grocery shopping and meal prep. Once the caregiver is in the home and your parent becomes accustomed to the person they may allow that person to help with more things as the need arises.

Much like the first suggestion, try focusing the need on you, not them. Let them know that you are overwhelmed with your responsibilities and feel guilty that you cannot always provide the care you know your parent needs. Explain that it makes you feel better to have a home care solution in place for when you cannot be available. Rather than making your aging parent feel like he or she is losing independence, present it as your needing the help.

You can also have a discussion with your parent’s physician and discuss your concerns with him or her.  If the doctor agrees with you, he or she may be willing to tell your parent that it is now necessary to have home care assistance. You can also discuss the situation with a geriatric care manager, a licensed professional with special expertise in making these assessments.

There are many great services, tools and technology to help us age well and stay at home and we would be happy to help you become acquainted with them, just give us a call at  832-730-1255.  Remember, everyone’s situation is different.  If you or a loved one need help staying at home please let us help you understand your alternatives.

We link to veterans resources that can help pay for in-home care.

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