About Rick Morey

Rick Morey is a U.S. Navy veteran who had a successful career working in the technology field and determined that he would retire from IBM. Life’s twists and turns, however, caused him to rethink his plans. After suffering a major illness himself and seeing his family struggle to provide quality care for close relatives suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, he and his wife decided there was another path for them to follow. Morey states, “After several years of searching for in-home medical care business opportunities only one stood out as profoundly different, and that was BrightStar. Their dedication to quality, patient-centered care is demonstrated by the decision to have all BrightStar agencies go through Joint Commission Accreditation; this is a huge effort, as it’s the same accreditation that most hospitals go through. The focus is always on the patient with a team-oriented approach to in-home care that includes the patient, the Physician, the BrightStar Director of Nursing, and the caregiver.”

“BrightStar focuses on improving quality of life for those we care for,” states Morey, “and that is what it’s all about.”

Rick Morey, Certified Senior Advisor
BrightStar Care® of Downtown Houstonx`x`xx
3311 Richmond Ave, Suite 230

Houston, TX 77098
P 832-730-1255 |  F 832-730-1253


Caring for a Loved One?  Create a free, private CareTogether® Page for the support and tools to help you provide the best care possible.

BrightStar Care of Downtown Houston

Need help? Every day, more American families take on the responsibilities of caring for a loved one in need of physical, social, emotional, or financial assistance. Despite the craziness of life, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters make the time to prepare meals, provide transportation, do laundry, run errands, and more. BrightStar is an in-home health care company designed to help, give us a call at 832-730-1255.


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