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How long do I have? The question of prognosis has no simple answer

September 1, 2012


by James C. Salwitz, MD on August 28th, 2012 in Physician “The question” comes in several forms: “Doc, what stage is my cancer?” “What is my prognosis?” “Can it be cured?” “Am I going to die?” “Have long have I got?” These tough honest words require courage. “The question” superficially asks for a simple answer. […]

Having to think about the unthinkable

May 27, 2012


This article comes from the LA Times so some information is specific to California.  I have posted Texas specific information in another blog.  Most people don’t like to plan for dying, but in our state of denial, we leave ourselves vulnerable to conditions we would never want. Arrangements for the end of life are essential. […]

How Can You Plan for Your Own Long-Term Care

May 15, 2012


Long-term care planning is an exercise in which we, with our families, prepare for the rest of our lives.  This may require the help of an attorney and we may want input from our physician.  The goal is to help ensure that we both promote and maintain good health, safety, and well-being for ourselves.  To […]

Who’s calling palliative care “euthanasia”?

May 14, 2012


Two basic questions that we have all heard the answers to in one form or another: Why do you need advance directives? Why should you consider having a serious talk with family and friends about what your end-of-life wishes are? Here is another answer that you probably have not thought about – the caring medical […]

Caring for the Elderly – Government Sites

May 12, 2012


A list of Government sites that have information on care for the elderly, if you have additional information please let me know so I can add it. An all-purpose site with interactive tools for planning and paying for long-term care and choosing among drug plans. Includes searchable inspection results, good and bad, for the […]

Care for the Caregiver: 12 Tips for Overcoming Loss

May 7, 2012


Nothing can truly prepare someone for the loss of a loved one. Loss can be especially hard on a caregiver, who invested so much time and energy into caring for that loved one. Caregivers can suffer a great amount of grief and even slip into depression despite having to possibly take care of a loved […]

Diabetes interventions work, even in older adults.

May 3, 2012


This is great news for all those with diabetes, particularly the elderly. If you have trouble managing your diabetes or know someone that does ask for help. This disease is a serious one that can result in very serious complications that can lead to an early death. Let someone know you are struggling, Medicare may […]

End of Life Care Discussions Among Patients | Careanswers – A Caregiver Resource Guide to Empower Caregivers

April 23, 2012


Statistics show that more people are dying at home with family surrounding them, which is where most of us would prefer to spend our final moments.  We need to make the effort to ensure that we have let those around us know our last wishes.  Use this slide as a discussion starter, it’s free and […]

Living Life In My Own Way—And Dying That Way As Well

April 12, 2012


I recommend this article not because I admire the courage of the author, I think she is a role model, but because I think there is value in her story.  Her decisions have not been easy. I to was diagnosed with cancer and had the tests she speaks of but mine came back negative.  I […]