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Hospital bills could go unpaid if states opt out of Medicaid

July 10, 2012


If states opt out of Medicaid expansion, hospitals could be stuck with the poorest patients and with no one to foot the bill, The Washington Post blog reported. Since the Supreme Court ruling, states, including South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Mississippi and Texas, have spoken out, vowing to pass on Medicaid expansion. One of the […]

CMS Announces Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes

May 31, 2012


As pressure mounts CMS (the Center for Medicare and Medicaid  Services) announced a partnership to improve dementia care in the US.  They are partnering with providers, caregivers, patients to ensure appropriate use of antipsychotic medications. They say they want to “ensure appropriate care and use of antipsychotic medications for nursing home patients.”  Their first goal is […]

If your parents can’t pay their bills you may have to!

May 28, 2012


Does your State have a filial support law?  If it does then you may be forced to pay for the nursing home bills of your parents.  It is my understanding that these laws have not been used on a regular basis but with some recent court decisions that may change. I recommend checking out the […]

Caregiving for your aging parent, spouse or significant other

May 23, 2012


Nothing can create stress and conflict in our lives like taking care of an aging parent or spouse or a sick child.  Today we will focus on elder care.  On a beautiful spring morning, “Alice” (name changed) rises to catch a ride from her daughter’s home to the local Senior Center to attend the adult […]

A rampant prescription and a database to help you protect your loved ones

May 21, 2012


“We have an inordinate amount of prescriptions written for a population that is already frail, and we know these drugs increase the risk for side effects, including death.   So why are they being written?” Dr. Michael Gloth, John Hopkins University. You can find this database in one of my other posts but I considered […]

Caring for the Elderly – Government Sites

May 12, 2012


A list of Government sites that have information on care for the elderly, if you have additional information please let me know so I can add it. An all-purpose site with interactive tools for planning and paying for long-term care and choosing among drug plans. Includes searchable inspection results, good and bad, for the […]

Diabetes interventions work, even in older adults.

May 3, 2012


This is great news for all those with diabetes, particularly the elderly. If you have trouble managing your diabetes or know someone that does ask for help. This disease is a serious one that can result in very serious complications that can lead to an early death. Let someone know you are struggling, Medicare may […]