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MindStart | Dementia Activities | Alzheimer Activities

April 27, 2012


Those struggling with dementia need challenges just like the rest of us but they can’t function at the level they used to or at the level of a normal adult.  There are special puzzles and books that are designed to keep them engaged and challenged and there is a new web site that sells these types of […]

Long-Term Care: Your Hospitals New Priority

April 17, 2012


From Hospitals and Health Networks comes a story we can only hope plays out in the long run.  With the new penalties on readmissions and the focus the Accountable Care Act has brought to  waste and inefficiency in the healthcare system we need a renewed focus on the long-term needs of the patient.  If someone is […]

Leading Long-Term Care Insurers Premiums Soaring

March 24, 2012


This is not good news for those Seniors who are trying to protect assets with Long-Term Care Insurance.  I am working on a post about aging in place and how we all need to realistically look at our resources and assets.  Careful asset preservation helps us age in the least restrictive environment possible, hopefully at […]