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Keeping seniors at home and safe requires some thought

February 18, 2013


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could push a button and make the home safe for the age of the residents?  Unfortunately, that isn’t possible which means that we need to be proactive. I remember seeing the burned notices on the side of my grandmother’s refrigerator that faced the stove.  She had left something on the […]

If your parents can’t pay their bills you may have to!

May 28, 2012


Does your State have a filial support law?  If it does then you may be forced to pay for the nursing home bills of your parents.  It is my understanding that these laws have not been used on a regular basis but with some recent court decisions that may change. I recommend checking out the […]

Unprepared to Provide Family Caregiving? A simple tip to lighten the load.

May 4, 2012


  How prepared are you to become a caregiver?  It  can happen in an instant and most people are caught flat-footed.  Check out how you can use a little simple technology to get up to speed, lighten the load and make it a team effort. How CareTogether Can Help Families That Are Unprepared to Provide […]