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The older we get the more we need to fight for good health care

February 25, 2013


As we get older assuming we will get good health care is not a good idea.  The older we get the more we need to fight for good health care for ourselves and our elderly family members. For some questions there is no right answer. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do […]

My Crisis Action Plan

February 15, 2013


This is not the time to realize you forgot something. Planing ahead makes sense. The moment a crisis strikes stress levels rise and our minds start functioning in ways that don’t always allow for the best decisions to be made.  Police and military practice and drill because when they get into high stress situations they […]

Aging well can require team work | downtown-houston

January 10, 2013


How do we have the difficult conversations about in-home care with our parents or a loved one? The best way to get your aging parents to understand how valuable home care solutions can be to their desire to age in place is to show them the advantages.   Try different approaches if you need to: Try […]

Who can benefit from in home health care | downtown-houston

December 19, 2012


There are many things in life that can throw us for a loop but one of those at the top of the list must be the need for Home Health Care. Who could benefit from private duty home care? A family caring for an elderly, disabled or sick family member. A patient who has been […]

How Can You Plan for Your Own Long-Term Care

May 15, 2012


Long-term care planning is an exercise in which we, with our families, prepare for the rest of our lives.  This may require the help of an attorney and we may want input from our physician.  The goal is to help ensure that we both promote and maintain good health, safety, and well-being for ourselves.  To […]

Who’s calling palliative care “euthanasia”?

May 14, 2012


Two basic questions that we have all heard the answers to in one form or another: Why do you need advance directives? Why should you consider having a serious talk with family and friends about what your end-of-life wishes are? Here is another answer that you probably have not thought about – the caring medical […]

Diabetes interventions work, even in older adults.

May 3, 2012


This is great news for all those with diabetes, particularly the elderly. If you have trouble managing your diabetes or know someone that does ask for help. This disease is a serious one that can result in very serious complications that can lead to an early death. Let someone know you are struggling, Medicare may […]

Does your home care company have a disaster plan that includes you?

May 1, 2012


Among the things to ask when you are investigating home care for a loved one is whether they have a disaster plan.  Any organization that is Joint Commission Accredited will have one but most home care companies don’t strive for that level of achievement. At BrightStar in Houston we know we know we need to have […]

Hardship Inspired Franchise – Why we chose BrightStar and why you should too.

April 28, 2012


Hardship Inspired Franchise – I saw this in the Wall Street Journal and had to share it because it speaks to the quality of BrightStar the brand and the company.  When we were looking at companies to invest in BrightStar stood out because of the seed that was planted in the Sun’s search for […]

Drugs, Dementia and Nursing Homes – Forbes

April 27, 2012


Why do we want to age well in our own homes or, if necessary in the homes of loved ones? Here is a good article in Forbes and, in addition, some information for us to consider from Texas. According to the State of Texas, based on quality indicators from 2001-2010, Texas nursing facilities worsened for […]