Drugs, Dementia and Nursing Homes – Forbes

Posted on April 27, 2012


Why do we want to age well in our own homes or, if necessary in the homes of loved ones?

Here is a good article in Forbes and, in addition, some information for us to consider from Texas.

According to the State of Texas, based on quality indicators from 2001-2010, Texas nursing facilities worsened for falls, symptoms of depression, depression with no medical treatment, use of 9 or more medications, urinary tract infections (which can result in symptoms of dimentia), anti-anxiety/hypnotic drug use and hypnotics use longer than two days.

There were also areas of improvement in areas like pressure ulcers, little or no daily activity, use of physical restraints, and prevalence of bedfast residents among others.

We want to be in the least restrictive environment possible given our physical limitations and care needs.  Even the government is realizing that keeping people at home, and not in a nursing home setting can be less expensive and more satisfying for the patient.  It also can dramatically improve the patients quality of life.

Drugs, Dementia and Nursing Homes – Forbes.

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